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Share Box

Share the content of any page without having to go to te bottom of your page. At the end of your body just add a copy and paste code and then, tie it to a button. Really, it's that simple! tap me to see!

AppStyled Back to Top

If you haven't noticed, when you scroll the page, a back to top button apperas under your header, just like Facebook, Twitter and many other applications use! It's simple, clean, and elegant!

Detect Devices

It's important for you to show your apps for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry or Windows on the correct platform, or maybe just show content for those devices! You can attach the detector class to ANY element!

Android Detected

I see you got an Android device! Awesome stuff!

Blackberry Detected

Blackberry? You love classic phones! That's awesome!

iOS Detected

You're browsing using iOS! That's Apple! Awesome stuff!

Windows Detected

You're on a Windows Mobile device! Awesome stuff!

You're not on a mobile device!

No content is to be shown here. Come back from a Mobile

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