• Welcome to Ombak Indah Losmen

  • 300m left at your doorstep

  • A dozen breaks in the area

  • Lefts, rights....

  • and Beach breaks

  • To suit most abilities

  • Relax in style & comfort

  • Surrounded by natural beauty

  • Book now, we look forward to meeting you.

Ombak Indah Surf Resort

Why choose Ombak Indah Losmen?

  • Location, location, location - best on the point
  • Best staff and service - they make your trip special
  • Spacious grounds & rooms - relax in peace
  • Fast WiFi - work if you need to
  • Restaurant & Bar - great meals & plenty of fun
  • Travel services - transport, flights & connections
  • Experience - running since 2001

Welcome to Ombak Indah Surf Resort, situated on the point of Tanjung Setia about 30km south of Krui in West Lampung, South Sumatra.

Ombak Indah has prime position on the point, overlooking the long left hand break named Ujung Bocor, with a perfect view of the reef and the waves running along it. Rides of over 300m are common. There are a dozen or so waves in the area within a 2 hour drive, the closest being Way Jambu, approximately 15mins south. It's around the same distance north to Mandiri beach breaks, then another 30 minutes to Krui lefts and rights. There are many other breaks further to the south and north. Check the Waves page for more info.

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Ombak Indah Losmen has prime location in front of the the longest & most consistent break, Ujung Bocor. There's over a dozen waves in the area, the closest is 10 minutes walk and the the furthest about to 2 hours drive from the losmen. Although mainly lefts, there are some quality rights as well as beach breaks to suit surfers of most abilities.


Ombak Indah Losmen is set on over a hectare of old coconut plantation boasting 120 meters of ocean frontage. The rooms and main entertainment facility are set in tropical gardens with stunning views of nearby landscapes. Equipped with the best facilities in the area, including very fast WiFi, Ombak Indah Losmen has the well earned reputation of being the premier accommodation in the area.


Often described as how Bali used to be 40 years ago, the local village, Tanjung Setia, is bordered by the Indian Ocean to the west and to the east, the Bukit Barisan National Park, a luxuriant mountain range cloaked in thick jungle that is still home to tigers, elephants and rhinoceros. Apart from the few surfers who have been visiting the area for just over 20 years, the is untouched by mainstream and still provides the opportunity to experience traditional Indonesian way of life.


It's our staff who make the difference, especially our Surf Guides, who not only get you to the best waves on the day but make sure you get off the beaten track for those unique moments and experiences. Always ready with a smile, our staff will go the extra mile to make sure you have a great stay.