• Ujung Bocor Like this at Your Front Door?

  • Close by surf breaks - Jimmy's Point

  • Honey Smacks

  • Jenny's Right

  • Banana Island (Pulau Pisang)

  • Laae Beach Breaks

  • Krui

  • Mandiri

  • Way Jambu

  • Then Ombak Indah Losman Surf Camp


Ani is the one who gets things done. She has to liaise with the local authorities, handling the day to day dealings with local suppliers, looking after the female staff and maintaining morale. If you need airline tickets to Jakarta or other destinations Ani is the one to see. With just a couple of phone calls she can have you booked to wherever you want to go. She is very friendly, has good English, and will go that extra yard to ensure you enjoy your stay at Ombak Indah.


Kartini is head of the kitchen staff and has had plenty of experience feeding tourists and hungry surfers. Kartini pretty much always has a smile and rarely gets down. She's ably assisted by 3 other staff and most of the day the kitchen is full of chatter and laughter while they go about preparing the next delicious meal. Vegetarians are catered for. Just make your requirements known to Kartini or Ani on arrival (this photo is Niroh, Kartini's photo is coming soon).


Uci is head of security and with his team provide 24hr security at Ombak Indah. All non guests, western or local must report to security before entering the grounds. Any strangers are challenged and escorted from the grounds if they do not have a legitimate reason for being there. We are very particular about strangers walking around and being on the verandahs. During the night the security team regularly patrol the grounds. They will also help with late arrivals, carrying bags and boards etc to the rooms.