• Ujung Bocor Like this at Your Front Door?

  • Close by surf breaks - Jimmy's Point

  • Honey Smacks

  • Jenny's Right

  • Banana Island (Pulau Pisang)

  • Laae Beach Breaks

  • Krui

  • Mandiri

  • Way Jambu

  • Then Ombak Indah Losman Surf Camp


The area is relatively untouched by tourism and often described as 'the real Indonesia' or 'how Bali was 30 years ago'. You don't need to go too far to experience this - just walk out the gates to the beach, through the coconut plantation to damar gardens, rice fields and local villages.

There are good breaks in the reef for snorkelling, swimming and fishing. Further a-field is the main town, with local markets, shops and restaurants. Day trips to other places of interest can be arranged from the losmen.

Nature Treks

A short walk from the Ombak Indah, through the coconut plantation and over the main road takes you to the beautiful agricultural areas cultivated, still using traditional methods, for centuries. This trip is organized by Nana, the losmen guide & local artist, Iing.

Pulau Pisang

Pulau Pisang (Banana Island), home of the famous ‘tapis' gold leaf & cloth weaving, and beautiful beaches and amazing views back to Gunung Pugung on the mainland.

Jungle & River Treks

Tigers and elephants, along with many other species roam wild in Sumatran jungles. Guided treks can be arranged to: * national park jungle near Liwa * trek & river rafting to the waterfall north of Biha. These treks are generally full-day trips..


Charter an outrigger canoe (with small outboard engine) with expert guide and chase sailfish, common in the area, along with the usual varieties of game fish. Spear fishing and snorkelling is also very good out the front on small days, or if the swell is running, in the calmer waters at the end of the bay.


Just a short walk down the point to the end of the bay you can find sheltered coral reefs full of colorful sea life. Bring you swimming goggles or mask & snorkel and some reef shoes/booties.

Krui Markets

The Krui markets are a must for anyone travelling to the area. All types of fresh produce are on sales, as well and clothing, footwear and other bric-a-brac. Just the place to test you bargaining skills, in Indonesian of course!