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Ombak Indah Surf Resort

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Ujung Bocor At your Doorstep

Ujung Bocor (pronounced 'oojoong bochor') is the next quality wave south and home of Ombak Indah Losmen. It was named in 1994 after our drivers' mate, who was heavily involved in our early exploration and discovery of waves in this area. He was a great help to us in those days and it was a sight to see him climb 30-40 meter coconut palms to get us a drink. His nickname was Mr Bocor and it seemed fitting to give him some recognition for his efforts, hence the name Ujung Bocor (Bocor's Point) The same American who has tried to rename Jenny's Right has bought land at Tanjung Setia, the name of the area including Ujung Bocor, and has caused a lot of confusion with his habit of trying to rename breaks and places that got their names long before he turned.

Jimmys Point

Named after South Australian surfer Tim Beadman (nickname Jimmy), who caught the first known wave on the headland on the earliest Freeline tour there in 1994. Therefore we named the place Jimmy's Point. It's a small headland within a big left hand point and a large bay. There is a lefthander on the north side and a right hander on the south side. Both are pretty challenging waves and only experienced surfers need apply.

Honey Smacks

Next going south is Honey Smacks, named by the body boarders who came some years later. In those early days we only surfed it occasionally and didn't name it. It's more of a lid wave and the boys from Secret Sumatra showed me some awesome photos of lids on a big day.

Jenny's Point

Jenny's Right, is on the south side of the big headland that leads to Jimmy's. It's a fun right hand break though not usually the same consistent quality as Jimmy's, Ujung Bocor or Way Jambu. The reef is pretty forgiving and the wave more mellow than the other major breaks, still, you can sometimes get a good barrel out there.

Banana Island (Pulau Pisang)

Next down the road south is Banana Island with it's quality right hander. From the road you can check it out across the channel. Usually when it's breaking good most of the other breaks are too so if you want to rent a boat to take you out you can be assured of empty waves. It's a fast breaking wave over a semi mellow reef. It's a fairly long wave on it's day and low tide can be a bit sketchy. The lid riders have told me there is sometimes a radical left on the northern end. They showed me some photos…..stand ups and learners will have trouble.


Next down the coast and just north of Krui are the beach breaks of Laae. Like all beachies it can be fickle but on it's day and when the banks and swell are right it can be top quality and heavy.


Then we get to Krui, the biggest town in the coastal area. It's a bustling busy long road of shops, plenty of dust, goats, motorbikes, cars and people going about their business largely oblivious to tourist activity.


About 15 minutes south of Krui, or north of Ombak Indah Losmen is a stretch of open beaches called Mendiri. The beach faces south-west so picks up all swell making it a good option on small days. It gets a land offshore breeze till about 8am and remains surfable till about 9 or 10 am when the south-easterly trades start to kick in.

Way Jambu

About 15 minutes south of Ujung Bocor are the left hand barrels of Way Jambu, probably the most well known wave in the area. This wave breaks in similar conditions to Ujung Bocor and is easily the hollowest wave on the coast. Low tide can be a scary take off with the water sucking off the reef just in front of you. Don't look, just go and you'll either get smashed or get the barrel of your life. The wave has a couple of sections and it depends on the swell size as to where you sit and take off. Way Jambu can hold real big size and we've seen guys, better surfers than us, scoring easily 15' stand up barrels with not a drop of water out of place (Noel Parsons and the Wollongong crew of hellmen who came in about 1998 or 9). Even on a 4' day you'll score some hot barrels, long rides and you'll go away stoked.