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Ombak Indah Surf Resort

Welcome to Ombak Indah Surf Resort, situated on the point of Tanjung Setia about 30km south of Krui in West Lampung, South Sumatra.

Ombak Indah has prime position on the point, overlooking the long left hand break named Ujung Bocor, with a perfect view of the reef and the waves running along it. Rides of over 300m are common. There are a dozen or so waves in the area within a 2 hour drive, the closest being Way Jambu, approximately 15mins south. It's around the same distance north to Mandiri beach breaks, then another 30 minutes to Krui lefts and rights. There are many other breaks further to the south and north. Check the Waves page for more info.

The area is relatively untouched by tourism and often described as 'the real Indonesia'


Ombak Indah has THE best location in the area. Ujung Bocur, the longest and most consistent wave in the area is at your doorstep.


Ombak Indah Losmen has 12 twin and triple share rooms, accommodating a maximum of 30 guests in style & comfort.


There is plenty of entertainment including pool table, table tennis table, satellite TV/DVD for regular surf slideshows


Ombak Indah has a staff of about 16 during the season, all dedicated to providing the best professional service they can.