About Us

The WANQ adventure started as an idea over 10 years ago in Australia but due to other commitments only became a reality late in 2007. April 2008 saw the introduction of a fully working on-line store with a shopping cart/checkout completing the website.

Having survived the Global Financial Crisis, WANQ today is stronger than ever. Our much improved website is now open, masculine new styles are in stock with many more progressing through the enthusiastic hands of our design studio team.

Plans are underway to introduce an eye catching range of swimwear as well as refreshingly different accessories.

We're looking forward to a very bright future and helping our customers enjoy the WANQ experience

The Company Vision
  • To be a major force in the evolution of men's clothing styles;
  • To produce clothing for men to help push their boundaries and enhance their sexual envelope;
  • To market clothing that is original, overtly sexy yet classy and isn't available anywhere else;
  • To provide a retail experience which offers quality merchandise and excellent customer service with integrity honesty and fairness.