By Phone:

Ring through your order on (+61) 2 9380 8650 Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm AEST. Visa and Mastercard accepted. Paypal or Other Options are also available, but see notes below.

By Post, E-mail or Fax:

Print out the blank form available on the website, fill out and sign the Order Form and either post, e-mail or fax to us. When we receive it, we will contact you to confirm the status of the order. Should a particular item be on back order, your credit card will not be debited until the item is available.. Visa and Mastercard accepted. PayPal or other options are also available, but see notes below.

What Happens When I Pay With PayPal?:

When we receive your order (even through the WANQ On-line Store), we send you a PayPal invoice which you need to pay them for your order to be sent.

What Happens When I Pay by Other Options?:

When we receive your order (even through the WANQ On-line Store), we contact you to advise the amount owing. For Bank Transfer, we also send our bank details, so you can pay directly into our account. Bank Cheques and Money Orders are to be made payable to WANQ.Pty.Ltd and sent to P.O.Box 1076, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010, Australia as acceptance of your order.

Need Help With Purchasing?:

If you need assistance or are having problems placing an order,please contact us on: wanq@wanqwear.com


If you have a valid voucher and wish to redeem it, just enter the voucher number in the box provided. The value will automatically be deducted from the final amount payable. A voucher can only be used once and has to be less value than that of the order. Only 1 voucher allowed per order.


If your order is in stock, we will ship within 1-5 days. If part of your order is out of stock, we will ship your completed order when available.


Vary from country to country, however from experience the following is an idea of how long delivery may take via regular air mail:
Australia (Express Post): 1-4 Days
USA/Canada: 7-11 Days
UK/Europe: 8-13 Days
New Zealand: 2-4 Days
Asia: 8-10 Days
Rest of the World: 8-18 Days